Why is the Sea Cucumber so remarkable

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Why is the Sea Cucumber so remarkable

Discover the remarkable health-giving properties of Deep Blue Health Sea Cucumber. We unlock nature's secret in a product that is pure, potent and affordable.

The unassuming sea cucumber is loaded with actives that are thought to be effective in assisting with the treatment of certain cancers. Our farm-raised New Zealand Sea Cucumber is rich in such anti-cancer and anti-tumour compounds. Deep Blue Health enables users to access the benefits of Sea Cucumber without paying extortionate pricing that less ethical marketers charge for their sea cucumber-based products.

Sea cucumber contains significant levels of triterpene glycosides or saponins. These are compounds that are “are known to exhibit cytotoxicity against a variety of tumor cells”. Deep Blue Health sea cucumber contains at least four triterpenoids, and these have been shown to provide promising results against breast, pancreatic and bowel cancer, and also leukaemia in controlled studies.

For these properties alone sea cucumber provides an impressive range of actions that may support the immune systems of cancer compromised patients, although sea cucumber is also used in traditional medicines to treat a broad spectrum of other conditions. It also provides relief from joint pain and inflammation, especially for osteoarthritus suffers and is also thought to reduce high blood pressure, and is contains powerful antioxidants.

Other bio-actives found in sea cucumber are compounds such as saponic glycosides that similar to compounds found in well-known therapeutic herbs such as Ginseng and Ganderma. Sea Cucumber powder is also a rich source of polysaccharide chondroitin sulphate, a compound with an action similar to glucosamine sulphate, a compound that is useful for treating osteoarthritis. Glucosamine sulphate is also found in Green Lipped Mussel.

Deep Blue Health Sea Cucumber extract is produced from 100% Sea Cucumber in a preparation which has been gutted and freeze dried and encapsulated for you to conveniently enjoy its benefits.

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