Viral Defence and Cold/Flu Support

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Viral Defence and Cold/Flu Support

We all have an internal army, known as the immune system. This microscopic army is equipped with an arsenal of cells and mechanisms to neutralise and destroy most invaders. Exposure to viruses and infectious bacteria is a daily occurrence (1), but excessive use of anti-bacterial products is not the answer. With the correct nutritional support, our bodies have the ability to fight off most colds and infections naturally.

Lifestyle and food choices play an important role in fortifying our defences. Hot lemon and honey drinks and plenty of rest can help recovery from the average cold. But natural health supplements can strengthen the immune system and help our bodies to deal with the symptoms of flu, colds and bacterial infections quickly.

Natural herbal supplements such as garlic (2) and olive leaf (3) support virus defence by sabotaging the disease-causing agents before they have a chance to wreck havoc.

Colostrum has recently become recognised as a powerful immune booster because it contains high levels of immunoglobulins (4), which are the antibodies responsible for fighting off disease. IgG (immunoglobulin G), in particular is thought to promote wellness. Try our 100% Colostrum capsules or chewable Milk Colostrum tablets for all ages.

Bee Pollen and Propolis (5) are potent natural products full of nutrients to boost immune defences and designed by nature. 

Wisdom tells us that prevention is better than cure, so maintaining a healthy, active immune system is the best way to prevent an all out invasion of viruses and disease-causing agents.

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